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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Forceguard?
Forceguard is a totally portable and keyless door lock designed to be used independently of existing locks.

Why do I need one?
With home invasions and forced entries occurring in the US on average every 12 seconds, it makes sense to take responsible for your own personal security.

How strong is it?
Existing portable door locks are basically weak by design. Our design team devised a "superior door lock" made from high-grade stainless steel making the lock impossible to break or even damage. Forceguard has been engineered and tested to withstand over 1000 lbs of force.

Is it easy to use?
Ease of use was a primary consideration in the design process making it very easy to apply and remove from all doors.

Does it use a key?
No key or combination is required.

Does it work on all doors?
It will work with 99% of all inward opening doors.

Is it Portable?
Yes, Forceguard is totally portable and can go with you wherever you travel in the world.

How do I get one?
To get one simply complete our order form.