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"I have just got back from a family holiday in Spain. I used your product every night on the door to our room. Fortunately it was not needed in anger but the peace of mind it gave myself and my wife was worth every penny I spent on getting your product over to the UK. I don't give advice generally but I am telling anyone who will listen how great your product is and to buy one."
Mike UK

"With the Force Guard no one is going to kick my apartment door in, the lock is armor security compared to other door locks. I guess people falsely trust hotel security, but just look how easy it is to by-pass and how many people have the master key to your residence or hotel room."
Timothy USA

"I have personally tested your locks and I can say this: it is well made, easy to use and holds the door very securely. I wish to add on a positive to me as a consumer in using a travel lock; one key criterion is if it will help when there is a man kicking down the door. The lighter made locks made with shear pins or plastic will not hold. With the ForceGuard you will not get caught by surprise asleep in your bed."
Lawrence USA

"When my 20yr old daughter announced that she and her friend were going to back pack through the Ukraine and then onto Thailand, as a father I knew that two petite young women travelling by themselves (for the first time) could very easily be targets for unscrupulous types.
It was not until they returned that they shared what took place. They experienced a break in while they were not in the room in Kiev, after that experience they used the lock every time they were in their room. In Thailand someone tried to break into the girl's room while they were sleeping. The drunkards could have easily 'bounced' the door open, if it were not for the lock.
Both my daughter and her friend thanked me for investing in their safety. To me, it was a no brainer, and I am so very glad I did. As a father, this has easily been the best money I've ever spent. "
Andrew Canada

"Over all this is a great product and universal in use. As a university student I have already found it very useful on my bedroom door. It gives me that extra piece of mind. I was especially grateful of it when I stayed in a hotel room in France, as well as an additional locking device-I thought the temporary door lock was actually better than the existing lock on the door.
I cannot speak highly enough of this product."
Lawrence UK

" My wife is a teacher; they do not have locks on their doors at the school she works at. I was concerned that should a shooter go into the school she would not be able to protect herself or her students. When we received the lock she tested it on the classroom door. No one was going to get into her classroom without her removing the lock.
On behalf of myself, my wife and her students, thank you for producing such a strong and reliable product."

"The most important security device I have ever purchased! I live with family and noticed a lot of pain meds and muscle relaxers went missing when I was asleep. After ordering the Force Guard my losses went to zero!! The only way I could see to get around this device is to take a sledge hammer to defeat it! I could not recommend it highly enough."
James USA

"I tested the lock and it is very impressive. It's extremely well done! The plate is thick, strong, and the product looks very clean. The most important, it's very easy to use!"
Marcelo Brazil